• Protection from viruses and bacteria.
  • Protection from air pollution.
  • Protection for allergy sufferers.
  • Protection for asthma sufferers.
  • Protection for those with COPD.
  • Protection for those with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).
  • Protection for those who have immunodeficiency/are immunocompromised. 


One size fits all - for adults and teenagers.


Outstanding technology that is breathable, moisture wicking and mildew-proof. 


Suitable for sport and activities including yoga, jogging, hiking, skiing, riding.



How does RESPILON® R-Shield work?


A dense network of strong nanofibers comprises the filtration membrane within the neck gaiter of each RESPILON® scarf. This membrane blocks even the smallest particles including bacteria, viruses, dust, smog, ash, mites, and allergens.


The adjustable clip on the back of the R-Shield allows you to resize your scarf at any time to keep a tight fit and achieve the best possible protection. The adjustable nose clip ensures all inhaled air goes through the nanofiber membrane. No air-leakage, no danger!



Coronavirus: N99 face covering vs other face-coverings


Coronavirus leaves the mouth in large water droplets and disperses into smaller particles in the air. A scarf or homemade mask will catch some, but not all droplets as they leave your mouth, meaning they offer limited protection to those around you. Scarves and homemade masks will not protect you from inhaling smaller dispersed particles that have been breathed out by others.


N99 masks and full-face coverings have been laboratory-tested and proven to protect both you and those around you from inhaling dispersed particles. Wearing an N99 mask provides a safer option for when you come into contact with others outside of your home, for example when shopping, travelling on public transport or socialising.


RESPILON® N99 Anti-Virus full-face masks

  • RESPILON® R-Shield N99 Nanofibre full-face masks have been independently tested by Nelson Laboratories. The results of the test can be found HERE.



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