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Browse the Fx-Health range of services below. If you would like more information on any of the services provided, please get in touch HERE

Conversation between Colleagues

60 minutes + weekly follow-ups

Package Consultation

Your package includes a 60 minute, one-to-one consultation in which we undertake a detailed discussion of your goals for health and performance, as well as an analysis of your current training, lifestyle and nutrition habits. We will work together to identify a clear strategy for working towards your goals within a realistic time period. Your nutritional strategy will focus on making manageable changes whilst being mindful of your likes, dislikes and dietary preferences. Over a series of weekly, 15 minute follow-ups, we will review your progress, addressing any barriers to success and making adjustments to your strategy as needed. All consultations and follow-ups are currently take place online. 

Confident Young Woman

60 minutes + follow-up (optional)

Single Consultation

For those who do not need on-going or longer-term support, a single one-to-one consultation is available, with the option to book 30 minute follow-up sessions ad-hoc. This is a great alternative to the weekly follow-ups of the Package Consultation and provides a particularly attractive option for those with a working knowledge of nutrition looking to refine their strategy for a specific goal. Individual sessions offer a taster for those unsure whether nutrition coaching is for them. Booking a single one-to-one consultation can be a helpful way to gather more information, obtain advice and decide whether you might benefit from longer-term support. All consultations are currently taking place online. 

Happy Sports Team

From 30 minutes

Sports Teams & Groups

Working with a performance nutritionist may be the thing your team needs to push performance to the next level. I conduct one-to-one consultations with individual team members to address specific issues, such as managing injury, pre-game fuelling or optimal body composition and can also deliver group seminars to provide education on the more general principles of good nutrition, from female health, safe supplementation and hydration strategy alongside many other topics. I also offer individualised or team meal plans designed according to the specific needs of the team or individual team members. Seminars and consultations are currently taking place online. 

Business Meeting

From 30 minutes

Corporate Nutrition

Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can make all the difference to productivity and contentment in the workplace. Poor nutrition can lead to weight gain, nutrient deficiency and lethargy over time which may impact mood and motivation, as well as health. I run workshops and seminars with corporate teams to provide education on the importance of a healthy diet and how to incorporate simple nutrition into a busy lifestyle. Please note that all workshops and seminars are currently taking place online.


From 30 minutes

Seminars and Talks

I am available to attend events, conferences, health clubs, universities and schools to deliver seminars and talks on a range of nutrition and lifestyle topics. I offer seminars on stress, sleep and physical activity as well as nutrition for health and performance, with specific topic requests accepted. Each seminar includes a Q&A session and discussion to encourage delegates to delve deeper into the subject matter and get the most from the session. All seminars are currently taking place online.

Image by Ella Olsson

From 60 minutes


I run a range of workshops for both adults and young people. These include basic cooking skills workshops for children, teenagers and students, plant-based cooking workshops for those looking to reduce their meat intake and knife-skills workshops for those who want to improve their chopping prowess in the kitchen (adults only)! Workshops take place on a follow-along basis with opportunity for discussion and questions throughout. Please note that all workshops  are currently taking place online.

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