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  • Protection from viruses and bacteria.
  • Protection from air pollution.
  • Protection for allergy sufferers.
  • Protection for asthma sufferers.
  • Protection for those with COPD.
  • Protection for those with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).
  • Protection for those who have immunodeficiency/are immunocompromised. 


One of the world’s most trusted anti-pollution masks, perfect for use by travellers, cyclists, respiratory disease sufferers or anyone wanting to reduce exposure to potentially harmful pathogens or pollutants.



How does the Cambridge Mask PRO Series work?


Cambridge Masks™ are respirators (PPE) with UK military grade filtration technology. The masks filter out bacteria and viruses as well as dust and pollution particles using a unique, triple layer filtration system. The first layer catches larger pollution particles such as dust, followed by a particulate filter which stops nearly 100% of smaller particulate matter. The final, active carbon layer was developed by the UK’s Ministry of Defence and filters out viruses, bacteria and gas pollution.


All masks (except size XS) have an adjustable nose-clip and toggles at the jawline to help you achieve a better fit and the perfect seal. The below Size Guide will help you to choose the correct size for your face shape.


Access the Cambridge Masks™ Size Guide here.



Coronavirus: N99 face covering vs other face-coverings


Coronavirus leaves the mouth in large water droplets and disperses into smaller particles in the air. A scarf or homemade mask will catch some, but not all droplets as they leave your mouth, meaning they offer limited protection to those around you. Scarves and homemade masks will not protect you from inhaling smaller dispersed particles that have been breathed out by others.


N99 masks and full-face coverings have been laboratory-tested and proven to protect both you and those around you from inhaling dispersed particles. Wearing an N99 mask provides a safer option for when you come into contact with others outside of your home, for example when shopping, travelling on public transport or socialising.

Cambridge Masks™ PRO Series

    • Certified as child safe under 14 U.S.C 1278a and CFR Parts 1370 1501 1500.53 and 1500.44 (Certified by Bay Area Testing Labs)
    • EN149 standards for CE in the European Union (Certified by SAI Global and Apave Labs FR)
    • 99.6% viral filtration efficiency and 99.7% bacterial filtration efficiency (tested by Nelson Labs USA)
    • Particle Filtration Efficiency >98%



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