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Nutrition for performance

"Fx-Health was created with the sole aim of supporting athletes to tap into their true potential. In high performance sport, the difference between a winner and a finisher can be fractional and the right nutrition is key to unlocking that extra capacity. 

Whether you are an athlete looking to take your sport to  the next level, or you are simply looking to become the healthiest version of yourself, Fx can help. 

I will work with you to develop a clear focus on nutrition that will complement your training and recovery and help you to push the extra mile when it really matters." 


Sophie Fox (BSc, MSc, SENr) 

Performance Nutritionist 

Founder, Fx-Health 

Body composition & weight-loss

Manipulating the composition of the body's tissues is something many athletes choose to do, whether for aesthetic, performance or weight-making purposes. The advice of a qualified performance nutritionist can help you to achieve gradual fat loss over time whilst minimising reduction of hard-earned muscle mass.


Whether you are a competitive athlete or simply want to shed a few pounds, I will work with you to develop a safe, achievable and evidence-based nutrition plan to accomplish your goals. 


Food Blogger


There are lots of ways to work with me, from one-to-one nutrition consultations and follow-up appointments to group coaching sessions, seminars and workshops. Sessions can be booked as a one-off, or in blocks depending on the level of support required and the budget available to you. To find out more about the services I provide, click the button below. 

Egg Noodle Table


Gaining control of your nutrition doesn't have to be boring. I take into account your likes, dislikes and dietary preferences when developing your nutrition strategy, so you can continue to eat the foods you enjoy. Browse the recipes below to see some of my top recommended meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

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