Health & Wellness Evaluation

Check you're on route to achieving your health & wellness goals

1 hour consultation

What's included in your Health & Wellness Evaluation?


  • Upon making your booking, you'll receive a pre-appointment survey to fill out.

  • Please complete this as soon as possible so we can build a picture of your current lifestyle and your health & wellness goals ahead of your consultation.

At your appointment:

  • Please do not drink caffeinated drinks (tea/coffee/energy drinks) 3 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Please give yourself plenty of time, and aim to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment is due to start.

  • Testing includes:​

◦ Cholesterol profiling

Even if you appear fit and healthy your cholesterol levels may not be. Cholesterol profiling measures fats in your blood and evaluates your risk of cardiovascular disease​.

◦ Diabetes screening

Many foods contain hidden sugars, contributing to raised sugar levels in your blood. This may lead to insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) or Type 2 diabetes if left unchecked. Diabetes screening determines your diabetes risk.​​

◦ Full body profile

Your body's external measurements provide a valuable indicator of your current health and likelihood of developing non-communicable disease.

◦ Body composition data

Bioelectrical impedance analysis is used to analyse the body fat, lean mass (including muscle mass) and total water in your body.

◦ Metabolic rate calculation

Metabolic rate estimates the calories you require each day to maintain your healthy weight. This can be used to develop the right strategy to obtain your health goals.

◦ Measure of visceral fat

Accumulated fat stored around your organs can cause a range of health issues including cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. Measuring visceral fat indicates your current risk level and helps shape lifestyle improvements.

◦ Cardiovascular health

Blood pressure is an indicator of your cardiovascular health. Since elevated readings link to stroke, heart disease and kidney failure, early detection combined with lifestyle changes can significantly improve your health.

Consultation includes:

  • Reviewing your pre-appointment survey.

  • Analysis of your measurements, tests & blood results.​

  • Considering your results with reference to your health & wellness goals.

  • Identifying manageable lifestyle changes that are specific to you.

  • Creating a manageable and sustainable strategy to help you achieve your full health and wellness potential.

After your appointment:

  • You will receive a follow-up call from one of our health consultants four weeks after the date of your original appointment.

  • The follow-up call will provide an opportunity to review your progress and set new objectives if required.

Health & Wellness Evaluation prices:

1 hour consultation £150.

Make an appointment:

Appointments are made through the Contact Us page. Please send us a message to enquire about appointments.



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